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Bird Deterrent Systems:
"Flock-Off" bird deterrent is manufactured from transparent U.V. stablised polycarbonate. It protects buildings discreetly without harming birds, and is safe and easy to apply. It stacks compactly for easy site use, minimising storage space.

Transparent UV stabilised polycarbonate
User friendly rounded tips - not harmful to pigeons
Self adhesive fitting tape option available (no glue or screws needed)
8 Snap off grooves per length - no waste!
7 Glue fixing holes reduces adhesive costs!
Light weight, stacks compactly - reduces storage space, makes it easy to carry on site.
Made in the UK 

Product Information:
Semi-flexible, round topped (to prevent injury to birds), UV stabilised polycarbonate bayonet spikes, 100mm high, set diagonally

Spikes 55mm apart but diagonal setting reduces effective gap to 28mm. Spikes are splayed, giving a depth coverage of 90mm. 

UV stabilised polycarbonate base strips are 333mm long, 20mm wide and 3mm thick.

Underside curved to facilitate easy fitting to pipes and roof ridge tiles.

"Jigsaw" type connections (male and female) for joining strips together.

Slightly curved ends to allow joined strips to follow curves in the receiving surface (e.g. balconies, certain canopies etc.)

8 snap-off grooves to facilitate precise length fitting.

8 holes for screws, rivets or masonry nails.

For rapid installation the undersides of the strips can be fitted with optional double-sided, pre-glued, high strength, all weather, long lasting adhesive tape, with protective
peel-off paper covering.

Other Products We Supply:

Gull Spikes 
Our gull spikes are made from heavy duty stainless steel and are 150mm long to accommodate the longer leg of the seagull. In order to be fully successful in proofing against seagulls, every effort must be made to proof all areas against seagulls landing. 

If the seagull can land next to an installed spike, their incredible strength can enable them to tear out even a correctly installed spike.

Silirub 2 Silicone clear adhesive available per tube (one tube will cover 10 metres). 

Fixall adhesive (grey or white) can be used on wet / damp surfaces available per tube (one tube will cover 10 metres).

Standard 50mm (2") pigeon netting cut to size is available in Black, Stone or Translucent and Flameproof. 

Bird net fixings are available accordingly to requirements, please contact us for more details.

Flock Off Price List for Bird Spike February 2023

All spikes have 3 strips per metre except Starling and Sparrow  
2 prong plastic spikes without tape    2.98 per metre + VAT
2 prong plastic spikes with double sided tape    3.50
(EasYto install – no adhesive needed won’t stick to wood or concrete)  
4 prong plastic spikes (gutter)+ clips ( if needed)   4.30
Gutter clips 100  per bag.    45.00 
2 prong (Narrow)  metal/stainless steel    4.60
4 prong (wide/stainless steel   5.20
4 prong gull spikes metal/Stainless steel  6.10
Window Sill Pigeon spikes  17.50 per metre   
Starling and Sparrow Metal Stainless Steel   9.95 per strip
Chimney pot spike complete unit    39.90 each
Adhesive Silirub 2 Neutral Silicone clear  5.50 per tube
Adhesive Fix All (all weather) super fast, white  7.95 per tube (1 tube
(1 tube covers 10 metres)  
Carriage 9.50 for orders under 50m  
All plus VAT  

Price List for 50mm Pigeon Nets /February 2023

5 x 5    £19.20
5 x 10 £3780
5 x 15 £46.20
5 x 20  £56.50
10 x 10 £49.50
10 x 15 £84.50
10 x 20  £106.20
15 x 15  £115.20
15 X 20 £152.20
20 X 20   £152.20
25 x 5    £73.70
25 x 10 £147.45
25 x 15 £207.50
25 x 20 £198.00
25 x 25    £288.40
30 x 5  £88.00
30 x 10  £165.00
30 x 15   £248.40
30 x 20 £320.00
30 x 25 £398.00
30 x 30  £478.60

Translucent and Stone also available. Same price as Black.
Cut to size pigeon  £0.65 per metre (there is a 5 day delivery on this)
Delivery charge 9.50. 
All plus VAT.

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