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Flock-Off Bird Deterrents Ltd specialise in supplying and installing bird proofing products.
"Flock-Off" Bird Deterrents Ltd specialise in supplying and installing Pigeon Spikes. "Flock-Off" the aptly named environmental friendly perching deterrent manufactured in transparent UV stabilised polycarbonate has been used worldwide since 1994 protecting buildings from the damage caused by pigeons and other birds roosting and fouling property.

"Flock-Off" is safe and easy to fit - you can apply it anywhere, on ledges, signs, balconies, window sills and on your conservatory. The pigeons won't like it but it does not harm them.......... they just 'Flock-Off'!

We like to think of ourselves as being a bit different offering a personal, friendly and professional service. We also supply gull spikes, pigeon netting and adhesive and offer a very competitive nationwide installation service. Advice is available free of charge on any aspect of bird proofing, so contact us now - we are here to help.

 "Flock-Off" the reliable and professional company dealing with all your bird problems. 

Our Services Include:

Supply & install pigeon spikes

Environmental friendly products
Reliable & friendly service
Free professional advice
Products made in the UK
Established since 1994

Feral Pigeons

Pigeons can be serious nuisances capable of transmitting diseases and damaging our buildings. All the risks to ourselves and the damage to our buildings and heritage can be controlled with products from "Flock-Off".

Pigeons feed on the ground in flocks or individually. They roost together in buildings or on walls or statues. When disturbed, a pigeon in a group will take off with a noisy clapping sound. This helps inform the other pigeons that there is danger present. If a pigeon is alone it will respond to danger by keeping very still and trying not to be noticed. Pigeons are excellent fliers and can reach speeds of up to 50mph. They are capable of rapid dives and changes in direction and most of the time will easily out manoeuvre a bird of prey such as a sparrowhawk. They are resident and do not migrate.

Flock-Off Products
"Flock-Off" bird deterrent is manufactured from transparent U.V. stablised polycarbonate. It protects buildings discreetly without harming birds, and is safe and easy to apply. It stacks compactly for easy site use, minimising storage space.
Customer Testimonials
Steve Reynolds from pigeon Proofing Services has fitted 1500 metres of our double sided taped version to a shopping centre in Erith, Kent and said it halved the time estimated to complete the job and the results are excellent. Steve Reynolds, Kent

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